On a practical lesson for students of the course “Issues of attracting investment” in Small Industrial Zone «YAKKASAROY»

February 22th of this year a practical lesson was organized in Small Industrial Zone «YAKKASAROY» for students of the 3 month course “Investment Attraction Issues”. In this practical lesson participated Head of Department “Economics and Finance” professor Sh.Toshmatov, senior lecturer Khasanov T.A, Director of SIZ «YAKKASAROY» I.Mamaraimov, responsible officers and course listeners.


In the first part of the lesson prof. Sh. Toshmatov gave information on the legal basis, goals and objectives of the YAKKASAROY. Further, the Director of SIZ «YAKKASAROY»
I. Mamaraimov all acquainted with the structure of SIZ «YAKKASAROY», the main activity of organizations, provided them with benefits and preferences, as well as products produced in SIZ «YAKKASAROY».


In addition, listeners familiarized with the production activities of LLC “Dursun Plus Textile”, “Ideal Sweets Business”, “RAM-S”, their volumes of attracted investments and business partners.

The lesson was held in a constructive spirit, the experts answered all the questions that interested the audience.