The ceremony of awarding the winners of the first Republican competition for the selection of promising managerial personnel “Taraqqiyot” Press release

On July 27, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the Republican contest for the selection of promising managerial personnel “Taraqqiyot” took place at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

This competition was held for the first time and is aimed at ensuring the systemic selection of promising management personnel in the country, as well as promoting the continuous improvement of their professional skills in the system of state and economic management, local executive authorities and other organizations.

In accordance with the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated on May 30, 2018 “On Measures to Create a Modern Selection System for Promising Management Personnel on a Competitive Basis,” this contest will be held in every three years.

The competition was held for the title of “Best Manager” in 16 nominations covering various spheres of life. Among them are such as: state and public administration, judicial and legal system, credit and finance, industry, information and communication technologies, agriculture and water management, architecture and construction, utilities, tax and customs, ecology and environmental protection, education, science and innovations, healthcare, culture, art and sport, foreign policy, foreign economic activity and tourism, macroeconomics and regional development, transport and logistics.

In preparing for this competition, the experience of a number of developed countries was studied, in particular, Germany, France, the Republic of Korea, Singapore and others.

Representatives and heads of more than 30 ministries, state agencies and public associations, as well as leading scientists and experts of the republic were involved in the events related to the contest in order to identify the most relevant candidates.

After examining the applications by the working groups, 3,825 candidates with at least three years of experience in a managerial position were recommended to participate in the “Taraqqiyot” contest.

The selection was carried out in five stages. Moreover, each stage of the competition serves as a tool for career growth and self-development; it motivates participants to fully demonstrate their capabilities.

The first phase of the competition was carried out through two-stage online selection, which resulted in 1,356 participants moving to the next stage.

At the next stage of selection, participants were tested for the preparation of a written analytical report. 300 selected candidates passed a written test to identify organizational skills and management capacity, 150 of which received the right to participate in the final stage of the competition.

At the final stage, the contestants demonstrated knowledge and skills in solving situational problems in the group, as well as interviews with members of competitive commissions in the chosen nomination.

The final stage of the competition was held on March 9-16. Participants were evaluated according to the following criteria: level of managerial professionalism, systematic thinking, leadership qualities and adaptability to changes.

According to the results of the final stage, 50 participants were recognized as winners of the competition, and the remaining 100 as finalists.

The winners of the competition received remuneration in the amount of 50 minimum wages, and the finalists received 25 minimum wages.

The winners of the first Republican competition for the selection of promising managerial personnel “Taraqqiyot” are appointed to senior positions in state organizations of relevant areas. At the moment, 19 winners have already been appointed to senior positions, the appointment process continues.

In order to study the progressive experience of developed countries in various areas of public administration and development, the winners of the competition will be sent to foreign countries for taking part in internship programs according to their professional areas.

It was also recommended the inclusion of all the finalists of the competition in the managerial personnel reserve, 13 of which have already been appointed to senior positions.

It should be noted that the competition, initiated by the head of our state, is designed to create effective “social lift” for active citizens. Thanks to the competition that covered the whole republic, talented leaders were able to demonstrate their knowledge and experience. The competition has become a working format for unlocking the potential of the leaders of a new generation, which is designed to contribute to the future of our country.

For additional information and news, visit the special website ( of the Republican contest “Taraqqiyot” for the selection of promising managerial personnel.