About Academy


The Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (APA) is a government-funded and uniquely-mandated higher educational establishment located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Founded in May 1995 as the Academy of State and Social Construction, it is the only establishment to have been created by the President of Uzbekistan, which offers degree, and non-degree programmes in Public Administration for both central and local government officials. It was renamed as APA in 2012.


Providing effective online and offline training and retraining courses  for managerial-level civil service officials of the national and local authorities, as well as contribution to the development of public administration by studying the development, operation, and improvement of the administrative system.


APA’s main campus consists of 2 faculties, 9 departments, 9 administrative divisions and centres, as well as the Institute for Research of Youth Problems and Training Prospective Personnel and Academic Council, and it also includes 5 territorial branches located in Gulistan, Fergana, Samarkand, Karshi, and Urgench cities.
APA’s organizational structure includes 160 staff positions, involving on full-time and part-time bases more than 50 highly qualified specialists 31 faculty members. The Academy is headed by the rector, who is appointed and released from duty by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The rector of the APA is the Counselor to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The organizational structure of APA also provides the position of the first deputy rector on academic or educational work, deputy rector for science and international affairs, and deputy rector for economic affairs.

Academic profile

Admission to APA is highly competitive: the Academy received 1100 applications for 120 postgraduates, 150 retraining course places in 2019, or 4 applicants per a place. All applications have been passed through the President Administration screening followed by exams. Admission to the studying in APA requires as Uzbekistan qualification degree or equivalent to it, plus relevant 3 years working experience on senior position.

APA enrolls 120 postgraduates and 150 retraining courses listeners.

Programs and degrees

APA organizes programs that are dedicated solely to the study and research of Public Administration, and designed for the service managers who wish to broaden their knowledge in specialist subjects within public sector and acquire new administrative skills.

  • One and two-years postgraduate Master’s programs focusing in Public Administration (MPA).
  • 10-month and 4-month retraining programs, with the issuance of a standard diploma.
  • Up to 1-month advanced training courses, with the issuance of a certificate.


APA promotes applied and fundamental research on issues of interest to the public sector to sustain processes of innovation and reform. Research
programs are also designed to reflect positively on teaching and contents of its courses, promoting an interdisciplinary approach and a practical link between research and training, by:

  • Disseminating the results of important researches
  • Organizing seminars and round tables on public sector issues
  • Promoting partnerships with academic institutions and research centres


The Academy has established successful relations with representative offices of several international organizations, institutions and foundations. These relations are very constructive and represent cooperation on various aspects that contributes to the modernization of the public administration system, the capacity building of representatives of the local government, the achievement of maximum efficiency of the management.
APA’s strategy of international cooperation is paying particular attention to the cooperation with foreign educational institutions and scientific centres based on agreements and memoranda of understanding. The main goal of the cooperation is learning best foreign experience in the field of public administration.