Master’s Programmes

Сourses in the field of “Public Administration” of the faculty of training and retraining of administrative personnel:

  • Preparation of a two-year master’s program based on a grant and a fee-paying basis;
  • Preparation of students separated from production on the basis of a grant and fee-paying for a retraining program with a period of 10 months;
  • Preparation of students who have not separated from the production on the grant and fee-paying basis for a retraining program with a term of 4 months

Available options for students of the Academy:

  • reservation of the place of work;
  • appointment to a high post after graduation;
  • qualified education and practice;
  • career;
  • successfully completed courses, no more than 20% of the monthly salary will be paid within 5 years

The faculty also conducts internships abroad. An important part of this program is to establish necessary conditions for internships in leading educational centers specialized in teaching and research in the field of state and public management of the Academy masters, establishing business relations with foreign countries is an important part of this program. The main goal of the organized internships is to get acquainted with the achievements and innovative technologies of modern science in the field of administrative management.

Competencies that must be gained by listeners:

  • Analytical abilities
  • systematic thinking
  • professionalism of management
  • leadership skills
  • flexibility