Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the formation of key competences of management in the public sector

On May 7, in collaboration with the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA), an online session (webinar) was organized on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the formation of key competences of management in the public sector.

This session was attended by the students, faculty and researchers of the Academy of Public Administration. The lecture was held by Vice-Rector of RANEPA, Director of the Institute of Finance and Sustainable Development Dr. Andrei Margolin.

Lecturer considered the issue of fundamentally new key competences needed by public civil servants for the effective implementation of subsequent anti-crisis measures to control and mitigate the consequences of the new epidemiological crisis caused by the pandemic COVID-19.

Dr. Margolin identified five following competencies, which will play an important role in the long-term sustainable development strategy of countries in the context of overcoming the consequences of the epidemiological crisis: values and ethics, strategic thinking, communications, effective management skills and resource management.

Lecturer highlighted that competence in the field of competent management of resources (personnel, financial, information and natural) is particularly significant, as the system of global distribution of productivity has shown its vulnerability in the context of closed borders. The main goal of the sustainable development strategy of any country at the moment will be to balance the interests of business, society, state and environment, in which the public sector has a primary place.

At the end of the lecture Dr. Margolin answered to the questions of participants and expressed gratitude for their active participation.